6x return on ad spend
4x increase in new member acquisition
33% increase in members’ revenue


The goal

Dunkin Donuts’ wanted to raise awareness for their DD Perks loyalty program, encouraging more activity from existing members whilst also acquiring new members for their database.

The solution

We designed an integrated campaign to run both on social and in-store, with the simple offer of a free coffee with every donut purchase for both new and existing members of DD Perks.

On social, we used a multi-pronged, micro-targeted approach to drive the highest efficiency from each group of target audiences. For existing members we created a set of Custom Audiences based on current DD Perks members and targeted them on Facebook with the offer. To engage with prospective members we created a set of Facebook Lookalike Audiences made up of people who matched the demographic and psychographic attributes of existing members and those who lived within 3km of a Dunkin Donuts store – targeting them with the same offer.

The results

As a result, we saw a 4x increase in member acquisition, alongside a 10% increase in the number of members on the database. There was a 46% increase in member purchases, and a 60% increase in unique member purchases. These results saw a 33% increase in revenue from DD Perks members,  making it a very successful social campaign.