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Looking for quality inbound sales leads to follow-up? Need to grow a database of high quality prospects? Looking to grow your loyalty programme member database?

Social is an incredible lead generation machine because it is so targeted – and so easy for people to sign-up right within the social platform.

Lead ads can take many forms: quote or demo requests, newsletter subscriptions, event registrations and more:

  • We can optimise for mobile. Integrated lead forms within people’s social feeds mean they can submit their already pre-populated contact information with ease, even on the small screen.
  • We can create lead generation ads that do most of the work of filling in contact forms, so people are more likely to complete them.
  • Newly generated leads can be synced directly with your CRM, so your sales team can take immediate action.
  • We can use your existing database and/or newly generated leads to target their most look-alikes within the population to attract more qualified members into your database.
  • We can add a click-to-call functionality – so that once someone has completed a form, they can call your business to start a conversation.
  • We can allow people to book with appointment scheduling, so you don't have to wait to send a follow-up email to determine a customer's preferred appointment time and date. Once someone has filled in your form, they can simply indicate when would be best for them to meet.
  • We can create, “higher-intent” lead forms - adding friction to the form, such as a review page or slide to submit, can help acquire leads that might have a higher level of intent and interest in your product.



Dunkin’ Donuts wanted to drive new leads for their “DD Perks” loyalty program. They saw a 6x return on ad spend, a 400% increase in member acquisition and a 33% increase in revenue from DD Perks members.


Thin Lizzy wanted to recruit new members for their database to target specific seasonal tactical offers. DR social lead generation strategies have helped them acquire tens of thousands of new registrations to their database – with a payback time of less than one month.


Love Taupo wanted to find and target a large pool of mountain bike enthusiasts around NZ to educate and incentivise visitation to their world-class, “Great Lake Trail”. They achieved in excess of 8,000 leads in just under 28 days via a Direct Response Social lead generation campaign.


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5 Stars
“Dunkin’ Donuts was missing out on the huge opportunity we had in social.
Now we have a social media agency partner who has helped us understand exactly how our investment can drive real business outcomes”.

Tony Lee – Owner, Café Concepts Ltd (Dunkin’ Donuts)