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Social is a powerful story-telling and brand building medium in its own right – or an incredible way to add an engagement layer and amplify an integrated media campaign.

Social Sugar knows how to craft social strategies that build long term brand equity – as well as make the till ring day-to-day.




Hubbards needed to launch their new Granola range – and make it a success right out of the blocks to ensure continued super market support.

We didn’t have big above the line budgets – so we knew we needed to place modern social at the centre of a great idea and ensure word-of-mouth did the rest. Riffing off the social currency swirling around the hit TV show, The Batchelor, Hubbard’s “Oatchelor” was born. The campaign allowed us to tell a fun and engaging story – that also brought to life our core brand truth (Great, healthy basic ingredients – with a twist) in the form of a central, “Ingredients made for each other” campaign positioning line applied across all integrated mediums.

The results? Hubbards attained, and maintains, the #1 Granola category lead position in supermarkets in NZ.


New Zealand Natural’s social was not getting traction. We knew social was a perfect low cost, broad reach medium to engage with consumers hungry for great tastes and experiences. However, the traditional social story-telling devices (such as happy people eating ice-creams or food porn) were simply not differentiating the brand or delivering cut-through – much less driving significant engagement and foot traffic. It was also a slow and expensive process to constantly re-shoot fresh talent or pack shots for somewhat average ROI.

We knew that we needed a story-telling, “vehicle”. Something flexible, fun and engaging that we could use to spice up the social feed and put a smile on the dial of our consumers. The typically laconic and Kiwi, Tub ’n’ Cone characters were born.

The results? Alongside traditional appetite appeal posts and DR Social, our intrepid characters bring humour and a sense of charm to the brand that differentiates in an authentically Kiwi way and resonates in both local and international markets. They can also be brought out quickly and efficiently to engage tactically around key events and dates.

Tub and Cone have now helped New Zealand Natural reach hundreds of thousands of ice cream lovers internationally and increased average brand engagement on Facebook by nearly 400%.


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Russ Thomas – Omni Consulting