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This is a proper, “under the hood” analysis of any specific current or past campaign that you want analysed.

A Campaign Audit analyses the seven fundamental aspects of campaign performance in your ad account.


Each component of your campaign is scored for, “ROI upside” against both our current ROI benchmark database (currently over 196,000 campaigns) and 45 years combined experience. We’ll also offer specific suggestions where we think higher ROAS can be achieved.

  • Ad Campaign Structure
    Are you using best practise campaign structures to ensure maximum ROAS at scale?
  • Audience Segmentation
    Are you using your current audiences to your maximum potential and focusing on the “winners”, or wasting your money talking to the “losers”?
  • Bidding Techniques
    Are you testing different ways and strategies to buy your ads to ensure maximum bang for buck?
  • Scaling Strategy
    Are you struggling with your ads “tanking” every time you try to scale them up?
  • Risk Management
    Are you at risk of ad fatigue or unsustainable performance?
  • Automated Rules
    Are you making the most of automation with the ad account to ensure you’re making money in your sleep?
  • Creative Optimisation
    Are you getting the best out of your creative output across all audiences, channels and devices?

5 Stars
“The Social Sugar team are the most pragmatic, concise and business-minded agency teams I’ve ever encountered. They get to the nub of the challenge quickly – and care about driving profitability as if it were their own business.”

Russ Thomas – Omni Consulting


What we ask of you

We’ll get in touch to clarify exactly what current or past campaign you want audited – and any parameters you want to set regards campaign time frame, audiences, products or territories. Plus arrange temporary access to your ad account. Confidentiality assured.

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