Need to make each and every social media boosting dollar pay? The Social Sugar media planning and placement team is now one of Facebook’s largest media placement partners in Australasia – which allows us to test, track and constantly improve on compare the most effective strategies to boost return on ad spend (ROAS). Ready for the “A” team to take care of your precious media budget?


How to play smart with media boosting

The bad news is that to make social work, you have to pay… you have to pay to boost your messages. The days of organic reach (free reach) are over – with less than 2% of your fans seeing your posts by way of organic placement.

Social is definitely now a, “pay-to-play” medium - but there’s also a huge variety of ways to play smart with an ever-increasing number of incredible new micro-targeting tools and techniques to reach just the right audiences – so that almost none of your media is wasted:

  • Audience segmentation, data-matching, micro targeting, retargeting.

  • Integrated social with other key digital tools such as Google Search (SEM), digital display, eDM, etc.

  • Custom audiences, lookalike audiences, sequential targeting and action based segmentation.

  • Dynamic creative testing and messaging validation.

  • Pixel management and conversion tracking.


Here are some of the key media tools we’ll use to deliver the best ROI for your precious media investment:


Need to wring the absolute maximum value from each and every boosting dollar?


5 Stars
“Social Sugar is a social media marketing agency in the truest sense – they built us a profitable Facebook lead generation campaign from scratch in about 11 days – ROI has steadily improved from there. We’re thrilled.”

Rob Berman – CEO Allergenics