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This report gathers specific data for your business and target audience. It’s designed to help businesses that currently only drive soft, “engagement” metrics (such as likes and followers) build a proper Social Commerce strategy and get a concrete sales return from each and every dollar spent.




A Roadmap to ROI starts with a clear destination in mind and helps you answer 10 key questions:

  • Where am I now?
  • What is my sales or profit growth objective?
  • How many people can I find on social?
  • How many are my bullseye prospects?
  • How much is a new customer worth to me?
  • How much can I afford to acquire each new customer and still make a great profit?
  • What’s a sensible level to start at given current budget?
  • How and when would I scale once we find the magic ROI combination?
  • What are the short term (sales) targets we need to put in place to stay on track?
  • What is my longer term (brand awareness) pay-off as well?

5 Stars
“Social Sugar is a social media marketing agency in the truest sense – they built us a profitable Facebook lead generation campaign from scratch in about 11 days – ROI has steadily improved from there. We’re thrilled.”

Rob Berman – CEO Allergenics


What we ask of you

We’ll simply ask a couple of follow-up questions about your target market and category so we can make the data specific and relevant for your business. This is an extensive report that takes time, care and effort to compile – usually between 5-10 business days. There is no obligation to use Social Sugar’s services, although we do ask you to respect our IP and keep the report confidential.

The only Facebook Marketing Partner™ accredited social commerce specialist in Australasia.