If you’re an e-commerce brand you’ll be aware that social commerce and social shopping are the fastest-growing and most exciting ways to use the power of social networks such as Facebook and Instagram to drive sales of products and services of all kinds via e-commerce transactions.

Not just limited to direct response oriented social posts, social commerce incorporates an ever-increasing set of online collaborative shopping tools such as shared pick lists, user ratings, user generated sharing of product information and advice – and even the ability to transact purchases directly within social platforms such as facebook and Instagram.

The growth of social commerce has been breathtaking with a three-fold increase since 2016 and over 30% of internet users 18-24 having now purchased through social media. Are you ready to capitalise on social commerce?



  • Engage customers with your brand on the basis of their existing social behaviours.

  • Convert a social community from a superficially engaged audience to actual paying customers.

  • Talk to customers differently depending on where they are within the conversion funnel.

  • Eliminate subjectivity by testing different deals, offers and creative ideas against real customers and scaling what works best.

  • Track dollar for dollar your return on investment in a risk free environment whereby you set the desired ROI from the outset and make sure your advertising money is going only where it’s delivering the appropriate returns.


The Opportunity

We are now finding that social commerce is working for a much wider spectrum of industries and categories than most people think:

  • A retail brand uses it to drive attributable online sales. click here to checkout ecommerce case study.

  • A Dentist chain uses it to sell oral hygiene products online and establish a relationship that can then transform into a patient relationship.

  • A technology company uses it to drive app downloads – and then product purchases within the app.

  • A sports team uses it to drive online ticket sales.

  • A national sporting code uses it to drive merchandise sales and season tickets.

  • A quick service restaurant uses it to drive Uber orders.


Ready to embrace the world-changing power of social commerce?


5 Stars
“Social Sugar is a social media marketing agency in the truest sense – they built us a profitable Facebook lead generation campaign from scratch in about 11 days – ROI has steadily improved from there. We’re thrilled.”

Rob Berman – CEO Allergenics